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Jan 19

Opportunity to set the record straight.

I have had two complaints publicly levelled at me and my company, QuadraNet. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.


Because we take the privacy of our clients, past and present, seriously, I will not address the first complainant by name. A number of accusations were made against my company, but in point of fact, we disconnected the client’s equipment due to months of unpaid invoices, totaling over $75,000. Our legal counsel attempted to work with the client in question to recoup QuadraNet’s costs and relinquish control over the equipment, but was met with refusal to address the situation and extremely unprofessional responses. Eventually, the client paid the outstanding debt and was permitted to remove the equipment from QuadraNet’s facilities. QuadraNet has thousands of satisfied clients, many of whom have been with us for over a decade. We have nothing to gain by angering our clients (and in fact, everything to lose), but as a business, we will not and cannot -pay- for our clients to use our services for free.


The second complaint is not by a client or previous client, but rather a repost by a competitor of a complaint written by an agitated blogger, regarding spam originating from our network. The title of this complaint mentions numerous people, only two of whom actually work for my company – myself (Ilan Mishan) and my wife, Michelle Mishan. One of the other individuals mentioned, Chris Gotzmann, who is no longer with our team. Naming individuals who work at a company is the lowest form of search engine result poisoning and only serves to needlessly ruin people’s reputations, especially when the people listed were not only not involved whatsoever in perpetrating what was accused of them, but haven’t even worked for the same company in many years.


IPTelligent is a company that QuadraNet contracts with for IP transit and IP space. QuadraNet does not (and cannot) offer any services, etc. through IPTelligent. All of the services that QuadraNet offers are marketed exclusively under the QuadraNet brand. I won’t deny that spam originated from our network – if you are an Internet Services Provider (ISP), you will have your fair share of spammers who sign up to use your services. This is an unavoidable side-effect of being in the hosting industry. The mark of a vigilant ISP is taking action to address the complaints and remove spammers from their network. To set the record straight: QuadraNet does not spam, nor endorse spammers, and goes out of its way to remove spammers from its network. We have an excellent relationship with Spamhaus, the absolute authority on internet spam, and they can attest to how quickly we resolve any and all complaints.


I have been operating a business in the hosting industry for almost 2 decades and I would submit that our percentage of unhappy clientele is -significantly- below the industry average. My company goes above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure that our clients are satisfied, and we employ a 24x7x365 staff of qualified technicians to resolve problems in a timely manner. I invite your questions and am happy to do my level best to assuage any concerns you may have about me, my staff, or my company.

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