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Mar 04

Do I really need to defend myself?

There are over 6 websites that slander my business and my name anonymously. It is amazing how successful they have been in this campaign. I am unclear as to why someone would do this, but I am certain it is the same individual (and have an idea who they are), because the posts are all in the same style. If you read these sites, they all have the exact same post, with the same wrong information.

You can view these same posts here:

There are more sites, but as you read them, you will notice they are all the same scathing accusations and most likely an RSS feed, written very personally in the same manner.

Because of these complaints, I have decided to write an article that shows these posts as improper and false. I am here to set the record straight.

I am happily married and live with my wife and kids in Southern California. I have not fled the country and have honorably served my home country of Israel. I regularly return to Israel, my country many times to visit family, which would be impossible if I was indeed “kicked out”.

As for the spamming allegations, I am not listed in as ROKSO (, and my operation has nothing to do with spammers. While we have had a spammer on our network it was short lived. They were immediately canceled (within hours) when we realize they are spammers. You can read our policy regarding spammers found here: If any datacenter or colocation facility tells you they NEVER had a spammer, they would be lying. We have had them, and we swiftly remove them. In the ISP colocation business, it is a constant battle with spammers, and all legitimate datacenters have had this battle.

We do host a few LEGAL pornography sites, and like most datacenters in USA, and we follow the law when it comes to banned elicit or illegal sites. We live in USA, where it is 100% legal to host legal pornography, so I am not sure why this person has posted that we do “dirty porn hosting”? If they want censorship, then they can go live in China! Besides all of this, it is a small fraction of our business. Our datacenter and colocation hosts mainly mainstream businesses with everyday business to business commerce.

In these slanderous posts, there is a lot of talk about my companies selling “cheapest” servers, and “hottest” datacenter environment. While we are very competitively priced, our customers appreciate that.Our datacenters are maintained at industry standard and accepted levels and have also recently had a major upgrade of its cooling towers. Besides, if we were really “the hottest datacenter”, I doubt we would attract large companies who host with us such as the CDN Provider to Facebook and NetFlix? Trust me, they do their homework and checked us out thoroughly.

Rebranding QuadraNet was a simple marketing strategy that would combine our operations in to one brand for simplicity. As we grew and brought on new products, and companies our brand became diluted. QuadraNet was born as a necessity to clean up our branding and consolidate the companies. We are now stronger and better than ever.

In conclusion, I must say, that someone really did take the time to try to hurt our business and attack my name. From what I can tell, it can only be another datacenter who has lost business in competitive bidding and decided to do a smear campaign against me. Because they are the same post on all these consumer boards, so I believe it is the same person. These posts were very industry specific, and had nothing do to with their experience as a “customer”, only as a heated “rant” against me and my company. This is slander, don’t believe it.


-Ilan Mishan

President and CEO, QuadraNet


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