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Category Archive: Uncategorized

Jan 19

Opportunity to set the record straight.

I have had two complaints publicly levelled at me and my company, QuadraNet. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.   Because we take the privacy of our clients, past and present, seriously, I will not address the first complainant by name. A number of accusations were made against my …

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Oct 03

Internet and the rumor mill.

Advancements in telecommunications and the internet have created a perfect storm for internet users to publicly and anonymously partake in character defamation at alarming, breakneck speeds. Classmates, coworkers, and even strangers have the ability to denigrate and falsely discredit an individual or company at a whim and as the internet develops more and more outlets …

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Mar 04

Do I really need to defend myself?

There are over 6 websites that slander my business and my name anonymously. It is amazing how successful they have been in this campaign. I am unclear as to why someone would do this, but I am certain it is the same individual (and have an idea who they are), because the posts are all …

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Jan 23

Why do you believe what you read on the Internet?

The internet is a great place to do research and find out about things. I have used it on many occasions to look something up, find out how to do something, or just get lost jumping from one news article to another. You can basically type anything you are interested into Google and out pops …

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